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helpful social media tools

From Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, to Instagram, social media can get pretty overwhelming– especially when you’re a busy artist working on perfecting your craft. These days however, being active online is so necessary to getting your music out there and building a fan base. Today we’re sharing some of our favourite social media tools you should be taking advantage of to help you manage it easier and improve your self-marketing. As something we strive to work and improve upon every day, here’s our favourite social media tools:


If there ever was something to make social media easier, this is it! If you’ve got a YouTube channel, this is one of the greatest tools for artists to direct traffic from other social media platforms to your channel. With Facebook’s algorithm prioritizing Facebook content over outsourced links, your YouTube video link generally won’t be seen by many on Facebook. With Epoxy, you can create mini clips from your YouTube videos into a Facebook video that will land on more timelines within seconds. You can post these video clips as sneak peaks/previews to draw people to your channel to see the whole thing. Epoxy also organizes all social media engagement into one place so you can reply to fan comments from Twitter, Instagram, etc. all in one spot. Other useful features include a meme generator of your own content and analytics to track which content does best. Note: this service costs $20 per month or is free if you’re apart of a YouTube network (something you should also look into!).

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Facebook Live:

Prepping for a show or doing something cool like shooting a music video? Facebook Live is the perfect opportunity to share a behind-the-scenes look with your fans. What’s awesome is that your Facebook friends and followers will all receive a notification that you just went live–almost like a Skype call. From there, watchers can comment while you’re filming live and you can answer their questions and engage right back. It’s all about making connections and sharing your voice and stories with others in the most present way possible!

Insta Stories/Snapchat:

In another post, we talked about the importance of telling a story to connect and build loyalty with fans. Snapchat and Insta stories are a great way to do this. Show off your personality and connect with your fans on a more relatable level. From funny moments, short stories, sneak peaks, and more, your followers will be able to see what you’re up to and get to know you better as an artist. Think of Snapchat as a mini vlogging sort of tool and take advantage of the app as a way to preview your music and generate excitement.

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Engaging with others on social media has been proven to increase your follower count and build genuine connections. Crowdfire is a $5/month web browser app for Instagram that curates together your top and most engaged followers so that you can easily like their photos back without having to individually go to each person’s profile and take the time to go through their photos. It also lets you see who has unfollowed you or is not following you back so you can narrow your niche and stop wasting time with uninterested people.

Latergram or Instagram drafts:

With Instagram being one of the top leading social media marketing tools, it’s so important to have not only a strong Instagram presence, but impeccable branding on the platform. Having interesting and eye catching pictures is only the first step to the difference between capturing a new visitor as a follower and having them tap that back button. Your photos should correlate nicely together and be able to communicate your message consistently just with a quick glance over your Insta profile. So whether that means picking a theme and sticking to it or planning your feed, you can use Latergram or pre-edit photos on Instagram as drafts to ensure the next few photos you post will fit in with your visual aesthetic and personal brand nicely.

What’s your biggest struggle with social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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