4 Ways To Build a Loyal Fan Base Online

How to Build a Fan Base
1. What’s Your story?

Do you have a genesis story as a band or artist? Do you have a cause or overlying calling as to why you are an artist? Go and create a captivating true tale of how you were formed and why you do what you do. It doesn’t need to be majestic or heart-wrenching, it just needs to be a story that only you can tell. Think of it as bringing your new listeners up to date with your journey. That way, if they resonate with your cause they are intrigued to follow your next moves. Transform your social media into vivid stories of success, pain, lessons, ideals and hilarious times. Fans want to grasp onto the little quirks of your life and ideals that make you the nuanced artist you are.

When you’re watching a movie you don’t want to be plopped into it half way. Similarly, joining an artist’s career half way through doesn’t evoke the same connection with fans. Think of an artist that you have followed from their humble days of singing on YouTube or playing in front of a couple hundred. You know their story and their origin. You will support them and definitely buy whatever they release.

Book Reference: 6 Figure Musician

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2. Document everything

Building on the point of having a story, documenting your journey as it happens is very important to keeping people up to date and building a personalized brand that people connect to. We are all intrigued by the idea movement so make this a ritual and brand yourself as a dynamic and evolving artist through documentation. With apps and smartphone tech, there should be no reason you can’t do this. Be patient and have fun with the process because you won’t build huge buzz right away, but over time more and more people will pay attention if they dig your stuff. It doesn’t even need to be the classic places like Facebook. The biggest marketing minds in the game today go on about the powers of Gen-Y branded apps like Snapchat. Find new ways to keep fans updated and push to be ahead of the curve.

3. Invest in media creation

It is understandable that as a musician your budget for marketing and content creation is not the same as a traditional business. However, it is crucial to you see yourself as a business that requires investing. If you have quality content (great music) you need to put forth proper resources to reach your fans in the mediums that they consume. That means professional photos of your shows on Instagram, live sessions of upcoming songs in the studio, short documentaries of your tours, and high-quality music videos. It doesn’t make sense anymore to spend thousands on recording and nothing for online branding. Do what you can for free on the daily, but also invest in quality content. Apply for grants, loans or go hard at the high-paying cover gigs to save up. With a little patience, the return on your invest will be worth it.

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4. Consistent aesthetic

Make sure your Facebook, Instagram, website and whatever else has the same feel. Take some time to think out your aesthetic branding on social media.What do you want your ideal fan to feel and think of when they experience your brand? Then, make sure that everything you post follows suit visually. Fans will like to place you into mental categories as it will help build a stronger emotional connection to you. Falling out of this aesthetic branding for even a short amount of time can be confusing and detrimental to your business and ticket sales. It takes conscious planning but as the saying goes “you gotta think like a gardener and work like a carpenter”.

What’s your brand story? Let us know in the comments below!

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